Caravan Sites, Park Home & Leisure Facilities

Gone are the days when static caravan sites, mobile home parks, & leisure facilities could market themselves as 'rustic'. Today's modern consumers demand more.  They want EASY. They want SAFE and they want a minimum of inconvenience.  So mud, rough tracks & potholes might not be best for business, let alone a claim. Time for an upgrade perhaps? Armstrong's Surfacing  have years of experience in this sector. We've completed works both big & small for most of the major operators across Northern England & Scotland including Haven and Parkdean Resorts.

Services include upgrading foundations & bases for new/existing units, as well as construction of new roads paths and car parks, playgrounds etc.    Armstrong's have over 30 years experience in the Road Surfacing Industry.  From the smallest driveway repairs, to the biggest commercial tarmacadam contracts, we have the equipment and the know-how to work safely, efficiently and most importantly, cost effectively. Contact us FIRST for caravan site refurbishment works, new caravan site road construction, patching and/or repair. You'll find us easy to deal with and flexible in our approach to work schedules. Best of all WE TALK YOUR LANGUAGE, so start a conversation TODAY! Call Edward on 07312 304725 for free advice & a site survey. 

    How much does it cost for Caravan Site road construction or re-surfacing?

    What's the cost for caravan site roads? 

    Cost depends on preparation work needed, access for plant & machinery, road length or carpark size and/or the proximity of other jobs. Other factors are oil prices, colours (tar paving doesn't always have to be black!) and number of layers. Two tarmacadam layers are normal. The base is normally around 60mm and the second layer or 'wearing course' as its usually known, 10mm. What's best for your site? Contact Armstrong's Surfacing today, & we'll come and have a look. Our advice is FREE & QUOTATIONS are at no obligation. Click the button below to get straight though to your local tarmac and asphalt estimator, email us, or use the contact form.

    Caravan Site road replacement & repair work for Haven & Parkdean Resorts

    Hired Paver crew from Armstrong's Surfacing working with Barber Green machine